Friday, July 28, 2006

NPR's Storycorps

I am a self-confessed NPR junkie. Some people find that interesting, given my conservative beliefs and Republican affiliation. True, many stories/commentaries are challenging, but I feel that by learning about other views, it strengthens my own. They have an amazing series called Storycorps that has really opened my eyes to so many other things happening that don't make the headlines.
This morning as I was in the bathroom putting lotion on my belly and the rest of me (I really hope to avoid major stretch marks!) NPR's storycorps ran their story of the week. I urge you to listen to it here, then continue reading. I was struck by the amazing gift that the family gave to help others, when their child was the one that needed help. I stood there, tears falling down my belly, on the life growing in me, wondering if Vance and I were ever put in that position if we would be able to do the same. I pray that we'll never have to make that choice. It makes the sacrifice on the cross even more real. Giving your only Son. Thank you, Lord.

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