Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

I'm going...
I'm volunteering with the Red Cross this weekend, somewhere (MS or AL) to help the hurricane victims. No A/C, BYO sleeping bag/cot. I haven't felt such a strong call to do something in a long time. We have so much, and they have been left with nothing. I just thank God that I am able to go and serve. My big three day weekend plans to finish the guest bathroom, scrub my kitchen, and party are so meaningless in the face of all that's happening a few hours west.
Please donate to the Red Cross, or a legitimate charity to help.
Wish me luck!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Back in the Saddle

First day of classes. The students were nuts today! I am so glad its over! I really love my job, but it is nice to be home. A few firsts...first time I was hung up on by a student today...first time I dropped my keys in the trash at dinner tonight.
I hope my class is great this semester. They seem to be really fun. This is one of the great parts of my job, teaching. Let's just hope the heckler doesn't get to me. I'm thinking about asking them if they want to do a class blog. We'll see!
If they do, I'll be sure to link to it.

WW update-13 down, 7 to go. I hope I can keep it up this fall.

I'll post our vacation pictures soon(including the new car!).