Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I am the biggest deal geek...

I am laughing at myself for the amount of geekiness this exhibits...

Babycheapskate.com is one of my favorite blogs that has helped me save some serious money since staying home with Fox. A new deal for Pampers diapers and wipes just came out, so I got my act together to take advantage of it.
I posted this on their website and had to make fun of myself.

Oh girls, I made out like a bandit.

I printed 4 each of the $5 off and $5 GC coupons, then picked up 4 papers ($0.96) at Wal-Mart for the $1.50 coupons in each.
Then off to Target.

I did 4 transactions of dipes and wipes, the AMAZING cashier was so impressed and helpful, he just added the $5 to the same GC.
Then I plopped down the $27 of (mostly clearanced) stuff I needed, so I got out of there with 4 size 5 jumbos, 4 3-packs of sensitive wipes, kleenex (much needed!) 2 adult 4th of July tshirts, 6 baby/toddler shirts, 6 baby/toddler shorts, 4 educational goodies from the dollar spot, all for a grand total of $40.30!
Regular price would have been $84.94!

Anyway, just wanted to pass along a great resource. Happy Deal-Shopping!