Tuesday, July 11, 2006

36 for 32...

Vance's 32nd birthday was yesterday. We hosted the Monday Night crew at our house. All 36 of them. We counted. There were 22 adults and 14 children ranging from the infants to an 8 year old. Quite a night. Anna and Rob brought over a Coldstone cake to help celebrate, since Anna's birthday was Sunday. It was so yummy! Darcy brought a wonderful sirloin roast, and I'm so thankful she did, because my big pan of Irish Macaroni wouldn't have been enough for the crowd!
Vance and I began registering at Target tonight. My mom has been bugging me about it, since our first shower is in 6 weeks. Apparently there are people who buy shower gifts more than 3 days before the actual event. I don't know any of those people, and I'm not one of them! Oh well. Of course, Target is planning on completely re-vamping their entire baby section between July 23rd-August 1st, so we just put the basics on there, the stuff that they always carry. We'll go back after the 1st and add the stuff like sheets and towels and onesies and all that.
We went couch shopping too. Allyson called and said they were going to pick up the guest bed tomorrow night. So now we really have to bite the bullet and get a sleeper sofa to accomodate the grandparents. Vance was not pleased with the prices of the ones we looked at, but we'll see what we can find. The salesman we talked to actually is a regular attender of our church, so we feel pretty comfortable dealing with him.
When we got home I cooked dinner and Vance installed the keyless entry on the Element. I'm looking forward to using it tomorrow, especially since it's supposed to rain in the afternoon.
My bestest friend called while we were watching Dr. Who, so we took a break. Minor wedding planning issues. Nothing big, just the church her sweetheart grew up in double-booking their wedding date and then sending her an email informing her of the conflict, and could she please make other arrangements? Yeah, I know. I think they should be able to work it out, since the church is the one that screwed up and she booked the date back in APRIL. I'm hoping that the church realizes the error was on their part and they do the honorable thing. Otherwise I might have to call, and we don't want that. Not with these hormones. (I'm expecting an Amen in the comments from Vance at some point)
Time for bed.
Peace out.

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Christopher Bennage said...

You should make grandparents pay for the couch. (Tell them it's that or the hotel, baby!)
Or maybe you could register for a couch and get one though a baby shower!