Sunday, July 23, 2006

Growing...and what NOT to say to a pregnant woman

I took a 3 hour nap this afternoon. Sandra thinks the baby is having a growth spurt. I hope so, 'cause my appetite is back!
As I've observed my numerous pregnant friends over the past oh, 6 or so years, I always heard about the horrible/stupid things that people say to pregnant women. As I am now obviously 'with child', it has become my turn to be on the receiving end of some of these bone-headed comments. Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order. I will try to include the person that these were made to, if I can recall:
  1. She must be jealous that your belly is bigger than hers! (To me, this morning AT CHURCH, standing next to a woman due two months before me)
  2. Are you sure it's not twins? Maybe they should check again. (I think everyone has had that one)
  3. You're getting so huge! (Again, everyone gets this one)
  4. Well, you look pregnant! (To me, from a woman I haven't seen in a while. Good thing I'm not just putting on weight for no reason!)
  5. October? As big as you are, I thought you'd be doe a lot sooner! (To me - I swear I am not making these up!)
  6. Oh, you shouldn't eat that candy bar-it's bad for the baby! ( To Joanna, in her first of four pregnancies, from a random woman in the grocery store)
  7. Girl, you ain't had that baby yet? (To Carey, from one of her nursing home patients. People, please don't ever say this. Obviously, if the woman is still at work and got 'the belly', the baby IS NOT HERE YET!)
  8. I don't know if you can get much bigger...(I think this was to Darcy...from someone who worked at the hospital with her?)
  9. Wow, you guys didn't plan this very're going to be huge all summer! (To Vance and I, when people find out the baby is coming in October. We planned just fine, we just didn't know we'd be so good at getting pregnant right away!)

I'm sure there are plenty I've left out, so ladies, please post them in the comments.

To th rest of you, please turn on your brain when speaking to a pregnant woman. She is carrying a life in her, and more hormones than you EVER want to mess with.


Carey Mitchell said...

(yelling down the hallway) Girl-you getting BIG!! How much you weigh now?


(nursing home resident) Well....let's talk about your fat.

Pat Rutherford said...

Tell them not to worry about eating candy bars. With Chad, I craved (and ate every day) a Three Musketeers bar. And he's fine!

What's really bad is not being pregnant and someone saying "When's your baby due?" That happened to me when I got skinny, but was wearing a dress that was too big. Of course, they could say that now....except I'm too old! :o)

sharon b said...

Michelle..just ignore the comments. People do say the darnest things.. Just think.."I am a beautiful pregnant woman.. The heck with all the ugly comments." And here's to candy bars and any food you crave.. With Jason I ate so much hot sauce he should have spoke Spanish.. when he was born.. My mother in law had a fit about that too.. sure I was hurting him.. hee..hee.