Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Titles are so cliche'

We had a great checkup with the midwife this morning. Fox has decided that head-down is his direction of choice. Honestly, it kinda took me by surprise. I guess I thought I had another month or so before we got to that point. I know, it's a positive move, but yet another example of how time is just flying by!

Vance wrote a great post on his blog last night regarding the saga of naming our son. Check it out here.

I read a really thought-provoking post on a website this morning. Warning-the language is not rated PG. However, I felt the author made some excellent points. It made me thankful for my community of friends, and all the more cognizant of our need to be a friend.

The Hypnobirthing self-training we're doing is going well. I do get a little tired of some 'well-meaning' folks who look at me like I'm so naive when I talk about planning to give birth without pain medications or medical interventions. I don't want to make this blog a gripe page about pregnancy issues, but sometimes that's really what's on my mind.

I had my annual review at work this morning. It went very well, I earned an "Excellent" rating in all areas assessed. Now I just have to get my leave plan worked out. I'm planning on taking the full 6 months FSU will allow me. We'll see what happens after that. ; )

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Danielle said...

You are so fortunate that you get a whole six months. As far as hyponobirthing- you go girl! Aiden was head down as well but they still do a lot of turning. At the last minute he changed his mind and decided to go head up. Let's hope Fox is not as stubborn. Lub ya!