Sunday, April 27, 2008

Updated the picture site...

I've been uploading tons (well, 48) of new pictures to the picture site. Be sure to check them out!

I was going to post stories, etc, but then I remembered that I promised Vance I would go to bed early. So I am going to honor my commitment to my husband and hopefully be asleep before he returns home from Men's Bible Study.

I've got to be well-rested to wrangle Fox, Ranen and Clark in the morning!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Story from Fox...

Vance was giving Fox his milk before bed tonight, and Fox said the following words, in this order, to his Daddy.

basketball (bakitball)
football (fooball)

I laughed out loud. Vance realized that Fox was telling him about everything that happened today during our visit to the Halls.

We went over and saw Matt and Tim building shelves in the garage. Then, an old wire shelf fell down and made a huge mess. We hung out with Terri and Emily, and her dog Toby. They played under the basketball hoop, kicked the football outside, and threw the baseball.

My 17 1/2 month old son told his father about his afternoon.

Seriously, this kid amazes me.

He sings along to a few songs on the radio. Last week he identified a song when the music started, even before the artist sang any of the lyrics.

He's starting to work on cleaning up (sometimes that results in a nasty tantrum), and likes to be my 'big helper' when I'm shopping at the grocery store, folding laundry, or many other usual tasks around the house.

We bought him his first 'guitar' last week. It's a little ukelele that is just the right size for him. He carries it everywhere, and usually refuses to leave the house without his 'geetar'. Fortunately, I can convince him to leave it in the car.

His memory is remarkable. We went to Chilis for a free lunch thingy and when we pulled in the parking lot, little genius boy said "PawPaw eat". He remembered that when my parents came up in JANUARY we ate at Chilis. That was the last time we had been there, and he remembered it three months later.

His expressions just kill me. Sometimes, when he furrows his brow just right, it's almost like you can see the gears turning in that noggin.

His transportation speed is now full-tilt running. Why were we so determined to get him to walk again?

He takes some of his toys and waves at them, saying "Hi Fox".

Each morning I am greeted by a smile, a sweet sounding "goo moning" and then in the same breath "BANANA!". It is almost tortuous to him that I must change his diaper before fulfilling the need for his beloved BANANA.

He's beginning to identify his name, which is really fun. However, when you ask him how to spell his name, or how to spell Fox, he says "Uh-oh X".
Seriously, it's funny. Robyn from church asks me how "O-X" is doing. ; )

The other night when Vance was putting him to bed (seeing a theme, are we?) he was rocking in the rocking chair, and Fox looked up at the awesome print above the chair, of a Fox playing the saxophone, and the word "FOX" on it too. Smiling, he looked at his Daddy and said "name".

I think that's all the stories I can remember for now. I will get some pictures uploaded soon. You can head over here where Vance's mom posted her pictures from our last visit to PC.