Friday, July 28, 2006

NPR's Storycorps

I am a self-confessed NPR junkie. Some people find that interesting, given my conservative beliefs and Republican affiliation. True, many stories/commentaries are challenging, but I feel that by learning about other views, it strengthens my own. They have an amazing series called Storycorps that has really opened my eyes to so many other things happening that don't make the headlines.
This morning as I was in the bathroom putting lotion on my belly and the rest of me (I really hope to avoid major stretch marks!) NPR's storycorps ran their story of the week. I urge you to listen to it here, then continue reading. I was struck by the amazing gift that the family gave to help others, when their child was the one that needed help. I stood there, tears falling down my belly, on the life growing in me, wondering if Vance and I were ever put in that position if we would be able to do the same. I pray that we'll never have to make that choice. It makes the sacrifice on the cross even more real. Giving your only Son. Thank you, Lord.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Third Trimester...time is ticking...and we have a name!

It's hard to believe I'm in my third trimester already. I can remember very vividly the morning I woke up and tiptoed into the bathroom to 'pee on the stick', as I so delicately referred to taking the pregnancy test.
I've come full circle back to some of my favorite first-trimester hobbies, such as napping on the couch every day after work and heading to the bathroom every 2 hours. Unfortunately, the napping and peeing are cramping my time available to get all of the stuff done that I want to in the house before the baby comes.
That list includes:
  1. Culling through all of the stuff in the guest room closet so we can actually fit baby stuff in there.
  2. Selling the roll-top desk to make room for my computer desk to move out into the front room area.
  3. Organizing/getting rid of the ridiculous amount of paper I have filed/piled in various locations around the house.
  4. Hanging up the window shades that I had to go out and buy last night for the baby's room and our room.
We made a lot of progress tonight on the paper and closet issues, but there is still so far to go. I have gotten rid of nearly all of my materials from my last two and a half years of college, and only kept about 5 papers that I still feel proud of.

So, about the last part of the post title. We have selected a name for our son. Most of our friends here in Tallahassee know it, and love it! Most of our family members think we've really lost it this time. It's not a 'normal' name, we know that. We also know the strength of my mother's reaction, and that we're not telling any family members the name of Baby #2 when he or she is coming.
Anyway, without further ado, unless we come up with something we like better (highly unlikely)...
We're naming our son

Fox Carson Rutherford.

The end.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Growing...and what NOT to say to a pregnant woman

I took a 3 hour nap this afternoon. Sandra thinks the baby is having a growth spurt. I hope so, 'cause my appetite is back!
As I've observed my numerous pregnant friends over the past oh, 6 or so years, I always heard about the horrible/stupid things that people say to pregnant women. As I am now obviously 'with child', it has become my turn to be on the receiving end of some of these bone-headed comments. Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order. I will try to include the person that these were made to, if I can recall:
  1. She must be jealous that your belly is bigger than hers! (To me, this morning AT CHURCH, standing next to a woman due two months before me)
  2. Are you sure it's not twins? Maybe they should check again. (I think everyone has had that one)
  3. You're getting so huge! (Again, everyone gets this one)
  4. Well, you look pregnant! (To me, from a woman I haven't seen in a while. Good thing I'm not just putting on weight for no reason!)
  5. October? As big as you are, I thought you'd be doe a lot sooner! (To me - I swear I am not making these up!)
  6. Oh, you shouldn't eat that candy bar-it's bad for the baby! ( To Joanna, in her first of four pregnancies, from a random woman in the grocery store)
  7. Girl, you ain't had that baby yet? (To Carey, from one of her nursing home patients. People, please don't ever say this. Obviously, if the woman is still at work and got 'the belly', the baby IS NOT HERE YET!)
  8. I don't know if you can get much bigger...(I think this was to Darcy...from someone who worked at the hospital with her?)
  9. Wow, you guys didn't plan this very're going to be huge all summer! (To Vance and I, when people find out the baby is coming in October. We planned just fine, we just didn't know we'd be so good at getting pregnant right away!)

I'm sure there are plenty I've left out, so ladies, please post them in the comments.

To th rest of you, please turn on your brain when speaking to a pregnant woman. She is carrying a life in her, and more hormones than you EVER want to mess with.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sorting Change and such...

The other night after our garage sale, I had emptied our piggy bank and was very focused on making my piles of quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies, and 'other stuff'. Vance asked me if I wanted to use his handy-dandy coin sorter that would automatically sort all the coins and then deposit them into the wrappers. I just kind of looked at him, and realized he didn't get it. He didn't know that every summer growing up Shannon and I would spend the first night of our annual trip to Granny and Pa-pa's sprawled across the living room floor, sorting the huge jars of coins that Granny and Pa-pa had accumulated throughout the year. That money was split between the two of us, and we got to spend it when we got to Granny and Pa-pa's place at Myrtle Beach the next day. We played skee-ball, air hockey, and more arcade games than we knew what to do with. More importantly, the sorting that first night soothed our frazzled traveling nerves, and gave us time to catch up with Granny and Pa-pa.
For a little while after Pa-pa died, Granny talked about selling the beach house. I was so torn. I understood the practicality of her idea, that it was really hard to keep up with the property with Pa-pa gone, and the annual fees rising to stay in the area, but so much of my childhood was tied to that little trailer with its porch and golf cart, that I couldn't talk about it without getting upset.
I talked to my cousin the other night for awhile. He and his wife and kids spent the week at the beach with Granny, my aunt and uncle, and another cousin and family. He said he had a new appreciation for what our folks went through to get us all there when we were kids. I hope that Granny hangs on to the beach house so we can take our kids up there every year. The next generation needs those memories too.
Back to the coins...I shared my story with Shannon, and she laughed. Apparently earlier that same week she was sorting and rolling coins when Momma and Daddy came over to see the Dylan monkey. Daddy questioned her about 'wasting time sorting' when she could just take the jar down to one of those Coinstar machines. His comment surprised her on one hand, and not so much on the other. She was surprised our frugal Daddy would waste ~ 8.9 cents on the dollar for convenience's sake, and not surprised that, like Vance, he didn't get it.
So my sister and I will continue sorting our coins, wasting our time, and relishing in the familiarity of our routine that we hope to pass along to our children, should they be so blessed to get to spend a week at the beach at Granny's.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lest I forget...

I also meant to add that it was very entertaining on the way home last night to watch the car full of pre-teen girls waving and taking pictures of my sweet husband. I'm sure it was becuase he's so cute, and not at all related to his cool car. ; )

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

36 for 32...

Vance's 32nd birthday was yesterday. We hosted the Monday Night crew at our house. All 36 of them. We counted. There were 22 adults and 14 children ranging from the infants to an 8 year old. Quite a night. Anna and Rob brought over a Coldstone cake to help celebrate, since Anna's birthday was Sunday. It was so yummy! Darcy brought a wonderful sirloin roast, and I'm so thankful she did, because my big pan of Irish Macaroni wouldn't have been enough for the crowd!
Vance and I began registering at Target tonight. My mom has been bugging me about it, since our first shower is in 6 weeks. Apparently there are people who buy shower gifts more than 3 days before the actual event. I don't know any of those people, and I'm not one of them! Oh well. Of course, Target is planning on completely re-vamping their entire baby section between July 23rd-August 1st, so we just put the basics on there, the stuff that they always carry. We'll go back after the 1st and add the stuff like sheets and towels and onesies and all that.
We went couch shopping too. Allyson called and said they were going to pick up the guest bed tomorrow night. So now we really have to bite the bullet and get a sleeper sofa to accomodate the grandparents. Vance was not pleased with the prices of the ones we looked at, but we'll see what we can find. The salesman we talked to actually is a regular attender of our church, so we feel pretty comfortable dealing with him.
When we got home I cooked dinner and Vance installed the keyless entry on the Element. I'm looking forward to using it tomorrow, especially since it's supposed to rain in the afternoon.
My bestest friend called while we were watching Dr. Who, so we took a break. Minor wedding planning issues. Nothing big, just the church her sweetheart grew up in double-booking their wedding date and then sending her an email informing her of the conflict, and could she please make other arrangements? Yeah, I know. I think they should be able to work it out, since the church is the one that screwed up and she booked the date back in APRIL. I'm hoping that the church realizes the error was on their part and they do the honorable thing. Otherwise I might have to call, and we don't want that. Not with these hormones. (I'm expecting an Amen in the comments from Vance at some point)
Time for bed.
Peace out.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

By request...

Apparently people read my blog that don't see me all the time. That's pretty cool! Vance's mom took a few pictures of me and the belly while she was here last week. So, here they are. I'll try to get Vance to take more each month.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Random Thought...

Why is it that my hair decides to look good when I'm about to go to bed? It makes no sense.
Good Night.

Monday, July 03, 2006

4 day weekend!

I decided to take off today, and give myself a 4 day weekend. It's been a good thing! Vance's mom came in on Friday night and we enjoyed some chicken off of Vance's grill . He's coming along, we just have to be patient since charcoal takes longer than gas. Everyone kept asking me if we had big plans this weekend. We didn't, and have just been playing by ear. Kinda fun, to not be overly-scheduled! Saturday Pat and I ran around town doing not much of anything. She bought Tabitha (her other daughter-in-law) and I some cute pants at Old Navy. We had dinner with the Bennages at Chilis. It was quite fun, as Adah remembered Pat from when she was 'little'. Kind of funny to hear that out of a nearly-4 year old.

Shannon sent me a great bunch of pictures of Dylan. For Momma's birthday, she took a bunch of pictures of him with silly hats on at the Party Store. She framed them, and they are all over their house. Here's my favorite:

I know, I'm not biased at all, but this kid is too cute! I told Momma she was going to need more space to display pictures when our little guy comes along.

Well, my Blueberry Cobbler just came out of the oven so we're heading over to Monday Night.
Hope you enjoyed my foray into adding links to a post.