Saturday, January 03, 2009

Quick Stuff

Vance and I are both up messing around on our respective computers at 12:50AM. Just wanted to let everyone know about our exciting lives.

A few funnies, and then a post that kicked my butt into gear. Well, hopefully...

Sometimes it's great not being the favorite...
Last night (like tonight) Rob and Anna were over for dinner. It happens a lot now since they moved down the street and I love to cook big meals.
Anyway, Fox had just gone to bed, and about 10 minutes later we hear him on the monitor. Vance peeks at him and sees that he's standing up, calling out (paci in mouth) DADDY!! DADDY GET MY (garbled word)!!
So Vance goes in and finds him standing up in the crib with his finger pointed, and he realizes that Fox is yelling 'DADDY GET MY BOOGIE!!'
Of course Vance, great dad that he is, takes the booger off Fox's finger and throws it away. Fox lays down and immediately falls asleep.
Like I said, sometimes there are great benefits to being the not-favorite parent!

Today Fox told me that "Daddy lives at Church". Poor kid. He was suffering from withdrawals after having Daddy home for 9 days in a row!

So, the post that kicked my butt. Hope it makes you think.

Be sure to check out Vance's blog for some fun Fox videos. We're enjoying the new video camera!

Okay, I think BOTH of us are really going to bed now. Peace Out! And Rock On!