Monday, September 29, 2008

Giveaway Goodness...

Okay, I must be on to something.
I've won two giveaways from the blogs I read.

This is not helping me cut back on my blog reading...
Sorry Vance!

Anyway, the blogs are Fiddledeedee and Beachy Mimi.
Did I mention that they rock?!?

Believe it or not, I have plans to jazz things up around here.
But I'm too busy reading all 84 blogs I subscribe to.
Problem? I don't have a problem...I can quit whenever I want...

Friday, September 12, 2008

More updates since I can't sleep.

Yep. Good ole insomnia. Might as well be productive, right?
Got me some Pandora Radio going, and a whole list of pics to use for a post.
I apologize in advance for the lack of cropping, and copious amounts of red eye. Vance just rebuilt his computer after a hard drive died, and Picasa hasn't been installed yet, so I can't edit.

I laid on the couch pretty much all day today. Vance was able to work from home, which was great since I was super-sick last night. Some kind of quickie stomach bug.
Then once I felt better tonight, we did an amazingly thorough cleaning and decluttering job in anticipation of my sweet friend Mary and her family arriving tomorrow.
That picture was from Carey's twin shower last month. Here's all the Monday Night Girls...

...minus Rebecca who snuck out before the inevitable group shot time came along.

The day before the shower, Darcy left her girls and Adah with me while she went to a meeting. After naptime was popsicle time!

The next weekend brought Tropical Storm Fay, and TONS of rain.
On Saturday, we ventured across the street to let Fox play in the rain with his buddy Ethan.

With all of the rain, one of our trees started leaning... we had to have it taken out before it took out the garage!

Fox thought it was the coolest thing ever...

...but it left quite a mess in the yard!

So I know I talk about how funny Fox is. Recently, his imagination has really come alive. He tells me he's a doggie (always named Buster) and wants me to be a doggie with him...

and the other morning he came into the kitchen while I was making breakfast, telling me he made a lamp.

Pretty impressive for a not-quite-two year old!

He is such a sweet little man. Loves his Daddy so much...

...and loves helping Mommy with the dishes. I am totally using these pics as blackmail when he's older!

We headed down to Vero Beach for Labor Day to spend some time with our wonderful friends, Jeremy and Darcy. Jeremy wanted for Vance to see this crazy vintage car-themed restaurant, so we all loaded up in the van and headed there. I didn't get any decor pics, but here is a shot of the kids dancing to the fun music.

Then we headed to the beach - Fox's first time!
He kept close to Daddy for awhile...

...but eventually got a little braver, and loved the 'dirty' factor.

The waves were quite a shock...

...but overall, he thought the beach was a great place to be!

Unfortunately, our stay with the Walworths was way too short. We had lots of fun playing!
Ever try to get two active toddlers to sit still for a picture?
We got this one just in time...

...and they're off again!

We had to say goodbye to our sweet friends. But not before more pictures!

Of course we needed a big hug...

And then a crazy face picture!

After leaving Vero, we headed 2 hours north on I-95 to Daytona Beach to visit Granny and Grandpa's condo with Aunt Shi-Shi, Uncle Jay and Dylan.
For whatever reason, my camera stayed in my purse, so I have to get some of the 40 billion pictures my mom took and post them later.

For now, I'll leave you with a picture of Fox's favorite phrase...