Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What's your 6th picture?

Wow - I haven't blogged since January.
Leave it to FishMama to get me back on board.

This picture was in the 4/3/07 Fox was about 6 months old.
He was in his beloved exersaucer, gnawing away at the lion.
That area in the house, and Mr. Fox himself, has changed drastically since then!
Here's a more current picture from a similar angle...

Gone are the soft pillows and baby teethers, now that area houses awesome storage cabinets from IKEA, a kiddo table and chairs, and the fish tank against the other wall.
Oh, and the kids are holding the only things that I managed to grow in my garden this year.
I am trying not to be disappointed in my lack of gardening zeal this year, due to the impending addition to the family. ; )
There will also be a cozy pillow/cushioned topper on the cabinets, so hopefully they won't be as cluttered as they look now...

The storage cabinets were necessitated by the fact that Vance will be losing his closet full of stuff due to the arrival of Fox's baby sister Zoey Caroline, making her entry sometime in early/mid September. She's already got some clothes, just waiting for the closet space!

Fox's friend in the picture is Edrie, who I'm taking care of Monday through Thursday each week. She'll be 5 in 4 days.
It's been good for both of these only children to have to get used to sharing toys and attention, but it is very tiring being 7 months preggo keeping up after these two! Oh, and of course it's the hottest summer we've had in ages.

Okay, I'm heading back to bed. It was a rough morning, but thanks FishMama for getting me out of my lazy/facebook junkie/busy doing nothing blog absence.

If you want to play along, here are the rules:

1) Go to your photo folders
2) Select the sixth file folder
3) Open it and select the sixth photo in that file folder
4) Write a story for that picture, post it and
5) Select five bloggy friends to tag
6) Be sure to let them know they've been tagged

I'm not going FishMama's route, and am going to tag some folks.
Hope they have fun with the trip down memory lane like I did!

1) Danielle
2) Mom Rutherford
3) Sandra
4) Julie
5) JanelM

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Quick Stuff

Vance and I are both up messing around on our respective computers at 12:50AM. Just wanted to let everyone know about our exciting lives.

A few funnies, and then a post that kicked my butt into gear. Well, hopefully...

Sometimes it's great not being the favorite...
Last night (like tonight) Rob and Anna were over for dinner. It happens a lot now since they moved down the street and I love to cook big meals.
Anyway, Fox had just gone to bed, and about 10 minutes later we hear him on the monitor. Vance peeks at him and sees that he's standing up, calling out (paci in mouth) DADDY!! DADDY GET MY (garbled word)!!
So Vance goes in and finds him standing up in the crib with his finger pointed, and he realizes that Fox is yelling 'DADDY GET MY BOOGIE!!'
Of course Vance, great dad that he is, takes the booger off Fox's finger and throws it away. Fox lays down and immediately falls asleep.
Like I said, sometimes there are great benefits to being the not-favorite parent!

Today Fox told me that "Daddy lives at Church". Poor kid. He was suffering from withdrawals after having Daddy home for 9 days in a row!

So, the post that kicked my butt. Hope it makes you think.

Be sure to check out Vance's blog for some fun Fox videos. We're enjoying the new video camera!

Okay, I think BOTH of us are really going to bed now. Peace Out! And Rock On!