Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from Fox!

Vance and Fox had some fun with the video camera...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Quick Updates

Fox is out of the cast. Most of y'all knew that.

We're sick. Most of y'all knew that.
(no picture, just imagine lots of tissues and laying around coughing)

Fox spelled his name in fridge magnets this afternoon - completely unprompted!

And, he turned the "H" on its side and said it was 'another I'.

He freaks me out.

You know what else freaks me out?

Yep, Fox found the zipper to the beanbag. Luckily the shop vac made quick work of the cleanup.

It's cold out, so the dogs are in the laundry room again. Lucky wanted out.
He didn't get very far.

Fox is funny, did you know that?
Lately he's been making his 'surprise face'.

Today when he wasn't spilling billions of tiny bean bag balls or spelling his name, he wanted to work with tools. Like Daddy.
So I gave him a real screwdriver and a footstool.
Then I remember a Christmas present I bought months ago and stashed...
...his own tools!

Okay, I have to sign off so Vance will leave me alone. He wants to set up his new computer since this one is one its last legs. Gotta love Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals!

(this is right after cast removal and x-ray - happy family!)