Monday, March 03, 2008

Non-Fox Related Post

Just in case you thought it wasn't are pictures that do not involve the kiddo.
; ) Don't worry, I just posted the Feb. pics!

Rob and Anna have started making cheese. As a bonus, we get to eat some of it!
Rob (and Anna, his lovely assistant) made mozzarella and ricotta on Friday. I made a delicious Spinach Lasagna with the mozzarella, and he made a yummy appetizer with the ricotta and pesto and salami. Here's a picture of the lovely plate of appetizers:

There were a few tomatoes left from the salad and some mozzarella and pesto, so we made up a little caprese-style yumminess in the middle.
Everything was so tasty!

There is something to be said about a woman and her favorite brand. Reynolds, anyone?

Okay, I'll work on a decent post with some fun Fox-ness tomorrow. Hopefully the little booger will take a decent nap.
Oh crap - I almost made an entire post without a mention of my joy. ; ) I do love the cuteness of him. So - here's a pic to tide you over.