Saturday, October 25, 2008

What a week!

I will apologize in advance for the lack of pictures - I'm posting this from my parent's house in Orlando.
Once I remember Vance's password for Picasa, I'll add a few to this...

I'll try to catch up on some stories and give y'all a glimpse into what life is like for us.

Sunday - I discovered that the bar across the front of our big stroller is detachable, so Fox is able to ride around in that instead of the wagon. Much less conspicuous!
We went to church, beanbag in tow. Fox was glad to see everyone and show off his boo-boo. He actually told people "I bwoke my wight femur". Gotta love the 2 year old that uses the correct names of bones!
Vance and I got his fish tank cleaned up and set up on Saturday, so Sunday after naptime we headed to the pet store and picked up a few fish to get our tank started with.

Monday - his foot was still quite swollen, so I called the Ortho doc and they got us in at 11. He was quite the charmer (as usual) and listened intently as I explained how the x-ray machine worked. Doc checked out the x-ray, took a look at him and said he was healing well, and we could start decreasing his pain meds. Remember this phrase.
Monday afternoon my amazing sister Shannon (Fox calls her Shi-Shi) and my nephew Dylan arrived to help me out and keep Fox entertained. What a blessing!

Tuesday - I only gave him 3 doses of medicine during the day, instead of the strict 4 and 6 hours dosing schedule I had been keeping. During the day, it was no big deal. He was entertained by Dylan, playing trains, coloring, and DVDs. Bedtime? That was another story. Basically, he screamed off and on for about 5 hours. We gave up on getting him down in bed and he watched "Pride and Prejudice" with me and Shi-Shi. It seems like the pain got ahead of the limited meds in his system. Note to self - not time to wean off the codeine!

Wednesday - We had a great day. Stayed home and got things done, ran a few errands while Fox napped. It was so nice to have my sister to help! Our friend Liz came over with her awesome kids. They each brough Fox a little something to help pass the time. The big hit, though, was a seahorse that had a glowing tummy (like a glo-worm) that played music. Since getting his beloved seahorse, he's fallen asleep almost immediately at naptimes and bedtimes!

Thursday - Dylan wanted a sticker from Thomas, Fox's favorite teller at our bank (which has a branch in Wal-Mart) and I had a few checks to deposit, so we headed to WallyWorld for an outing. It seriously took us all morning to get out of the house, so we treated ourselves to Moe's for lunch. I also packed up for our big trip.

Friday - got moving super-early, went to Fox's music class at TMH, and hit the road. I had already planned a trip for Fox and I to Orlando to help my sister get some projects done around her house, but wasn't keen on driving the whole way with him in his condition by myself. So after much deliberation (Vance hates it when I take his boy away) we decided it made more sense for us to ride to Orlando with Shi-Shi and Dylan. Vance will join us the following Thursday, and we'll ride back home Saturday.
I am amazed that we managed to pack everything we needed into Shi-Shi's truck. Needless to say, I had everything wedged in just right - except I forgot to leave room for the beanbag. And THAT, my friends, is an essential part of Fox's life right now! So, the beanbag resided at my feet for the trip. Kinda comfy, if a little cramped!

So, we are here in Orlando for a week. I'm trying to block out the trip down (don't ask, just don't ask) but we arrived safely and mostly still sane. My mom (of course) teared up when she saw Fox, but they are impressed with how well he's handling all of this.

I'm impressed with how well he's handling all of this too. Sure, there are times when he gets frustrated after he drops a toy and can't reach it, and any time anything remotely brushes one of his feet he says it hurts, but overall, he's coping.
I hope he doesn't have any memories of the pain or the frustration when he's older.
I hope I can forget how he was hurting and scared.
I hope he heals quickly.
I hope...that I never forget how helpful and compassionate my friends and family have been through this ordeal.

Okay, time for bed. I will try to go back and add pictures later.


Jonathan Conrad said...

He's a trooper and an amazing little guy! Not to mention what you and Vance are going through. Keep up your spirits!! 6 weeks will be over before you know it!

Anonymous said...

This one made me tear up.

I don't think he will remember any of it. But, I can't say the same for you! Oh, friend - what a crazy time. I know that in the grand scheme of things, it's a small trial - but in the short-run - it's SO HARD! I continue to pray for YOU and for Fox.

The Tegens said...

Thankfully little ones don't remember too much...I'm sure you will, though! :) Someday you might be able to look back and, you will. In the mean time, we'll keep you all in our prayers!