Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Overheard at the table tonight...

This was such a typical exchange over dinner that I had to post it.
Vance thinks it makes him sound like a jerk, I think we both sound like jerks.
On with the jerkiness!
Bear with me, I am going to experiment with font colors...

V - "That was a good idea, making French Toast with the leftover bread from Monday Night"
M - "Thanks, I know it's not your favorite, but I wanted to use it up before it went stale"
V- "That's not true - you make it sound like I hate French Toast!"
M - "It is true - whenever I give you a choice of French Toast or Pancakes, you ALWAYS choose Pancakes. So that means that French Toast is NOT YOUR FAVORITE."
V - " time only give me one piece of sausage - I don't eat as much as you."
~ Painful Silence ~
V - " I meant - I don't eat as much as you think I do"
M - "That is so much better. "
Fox - "Handa dicky!" translates to "Hands are sticky!"
~ Uproarious Laughter all around ~

I love our family. ; )
Seriously, we are not this jerky. It was a pleasant dinner, and we all cracked up as a family.


Pat Rutherford said...

Loved the conversation. I miss you guys. :(
Love you,

Sarah @ Fiddledeedee said...

That is funny!

About adding carrots to Paula's meatloaf: that is an awesome idea, and I'm going to try it out!

I think I'll send these to work with my husband for frugal and yummy lunches, so THANK YOU!

Kelsey S said...

Aww too funny!