Monday, February 18, 2008

Our singing Fox

Here's Fox hugging Katelyn, whose parents were in our childbirth class oh so long ago.

Isn't it a parenting rule that you have to take a "Spaghetti face" picture? Well, here's Fox.

Fox likes to peruse Daddy's Hot Rod Magazines...he gets very excited talking about the "WHEELS!"

Fox has started singing.

Saturday was Ranen's 2nd birthday party, and he enjoyed everyone singing "Happy Birthday". After the party, we headed to Sam's Club to pick up a few things Sandra needed for the Strickland's baby shower.

Somewhere on Capital Circle, we heard something out of Fox in the back seat...kind of like "" I asked Fox if he was singing Happy Birthday to Ranen, and he just got the biggest grin on his face, he was just thrilled that I had figured it out! So we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Ranen in the car on the way to and from Sams.
This morning when we woke up, we heard his little voice on the monitor " me..Birday...Ranen"
Just in case you've ever wondered how to keep 5 toddler boys still for almost 10 minutes - the answer is cupcakes.

Then today we were playing at the house before dinner and Fox get his little sing-songy voice and says "" I think about it, and then realize he's singing "Jesus Loves Me"! So of course we've been singing that all evening.

Here he is saying his latest favorite phrase..."Hold ME!" (emphasis on the ME!)

This picture makes me wonder...where did my baby go? Here he was a year ago...

And here is our walking, talking, singing Fox.

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