Sunday, January 27, 2008

The promised updates...

I'm supposed to be getting ready for the garage sale I'm having on Saturday, but I wanted to update the photo site and blog a bit. So there!
I realized in uploading the pictures that I took almost no pictures in December. Slacker Mom!
I somewhat made up for it in January.

It's getting harder and harder to catch the good shots. Just when he's doing something super-cute, I grab the camera and capture this...
...and he's off!

My parents came up this weekend to spend time with the Fox (and us, purportedly!). After a day of trying to keep up, my mom looked at me and said "Is he like this all the time?" My answer? Of course!
It's funny, but I guess we're just used to him so we don't think anything of it. My nephew, Dylan, is a totally different type of monkey. He's funny, but he isn't as active and all over the place like Fox. No doubt some of that is his age, but I just don't see Fox changing his ways too much as he gets older.

Vance's mom is STILL plugging away at the Clean Sweep we started on 12/29! I am so proud of her - they have been in that house for 23 years (I think) and she's doing an amazing job of tossing the stuff she doesn't need and organizing the rest. While I was there, we did the living room and kitchen. Since I left, she has done the dining/craft room and her sitting room (that she calls her angel room), and started in Vance's old bedroom that will be a guest room. The only rooms left after that are their bedroom and the laundry room! I called her earlier to tell her what a fabulous job she was doing. It has been inspirational too...

I've organized my pantry...

...and my cabinet...

...and taken an inventory of the contents so I can cook all the food I've stockpiled!

See, the life of a stay at home mom is wayyyy too exciting, right?
Honestly, I have loved my time at home with Fox. I'm getting things done that I've wanted to do for almost 5 years (since we moved in) but never had the time to do.
I'm planning out our meals to use the food we've got, so we eat out less to save money.
I'm available to help people in need - when Robyn, the church secretary calls me, I can step in and do whatever it is that needs to be done.

Fox is the funniest kid. I love being with him and getting to watch him grow and help him learn. He is such a little man, and loves to be with people.

I love my job!

Fox is quite the talker too. He has actually said a few three-word sentences.
He will sometime put 'a' in front of the word he wants to say. Usually it makes sense.
A truck, a ball, a cracker, a help? Not so much on the help!
His latest funny word is 'bicycle'. Sounds like 'bi-kikle'.
He also says 'sit', but this is a family-friendly blog so I'm not telling you what that sounds like. ; )

Well, Vance just got home from the Men's group.
He told me Rebecca has been admitted to the hospital for overnight observation. The baby isn't due for another 2 months, so please be praying that everything stays put and the baby (and Rebecca and Michael) will be able to rest.


Pat Rutherford said...

I'll be praying for Rebecca, the baby and Michael. Thanks for your encouragement. Your cabinets look great!
Love ya,

Danielle said...

Keep up updated on Rebecca. I'll call you later! I am so proud of you and that pantry!!! I also have some things for the garage sale on Saturday...