Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Grabby McDroolybuddy (or it's all our fault for naming him Fox)

Our son has proved to be terribly stealthy about his ability to roll over. Previously, we only saw the results of Fox's craftiness by finding him on his back in the crib when he wakes up. Little stinker would only roll over when no one was looking. Last week, he rolled a few times while Vance was watching. BUT NOT ME! This morning, Fox is playing on his back in his play gym. I step into the kitchen to make my oatmeal. I'm out of sight for an entire 45 seconds and the little monkey manages to roll on his tummy. WITHOUT ME SEEING IT. AGAIN.
Then he rolls over again for Vance while I'm working on dinner. I MISSED IT AGAIN. This makes about 10 times that I have not seen my son, who I am with almost 24 hours a day, roll over.
Finally tonight after Vance left for band practice, my patience was rewarded. Fox was on his back. He very determinedly grabbed his feet, swung himself to his side, and rolled onto his tummy. And I SAW THE WHOLE THING. I guess if you're gonna name your kid Fox, you have to expect him to have some sort of sneaky, stealthy habits, right?

Back to Grabby McDroolybuddy. We used to be able to hold him on our lap while we ate. Not so much anymore. Fox now tries to grab whatever we are putting in our mouth, or anything too close on the table. He's also drooling like it's his job. Thus, Grabby McDroolybuddy is his latest moniker.

When I got back home from band practice tonight, Fox's "Aunt Barb" was watching Steel Magnolias on ABCFamily. That movie has some of the most quotable lines ever. One of my favorites - "I'm not crazy, I've just been a very bad mood for the last 40 years!". I hadn't seen it in years. I didn't get to finish it, since LOST was coming on.

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