Sunday, October 08, 2006

So Blessed...

I've made it through 2 1/2 days of 'bed rest'. Well, 'couch rest' for me. I can't just stay in bed, I'll sleep all day and then be up all night. Vance has been to Urgent Care and been diagnosed with a nasty sinus infection. You know the man is sick when he misses church and is staying home from work tomorrow (Sorry Jeremy...).
I haven't been as good as I should be...with Vance sick, and these nesting urges, it is so hard not to do a load of laundry here and there. I get back to the couch in between loads, I promise! But I'm totally letting him clean the dishes from dinner, and I'm going to pay one of the youth that cleans houses to do my floors later this week. The kitchen and our bathroom floors are driving me crazy, but I am not about to get down and scrub them.
So, I'm catching up on thank you notes from previous showers, I'm making lists like crazy, and watching way to much Food Network. I love me some Rachael Ray!
About the blessings...
Canopy Roads threw us a shower this afternoon. Yes, I got permission from my midwife to go.
It was so amazing to see how many people came and blessed us. There were at least 40 people there! It was fun to hang out with the ladies of our church, but it will be nice when Fox is here and he can be the center of attention for a change! As I looked around the Fellowship Hall, I was blown away by the generosity and love shared by the ladies from all different ages and stages in life. I love our church.
Then Allyson (the Pastor's daughter and wonderful friend) came back the house with me to help me unload and hang out. We got all the loot into Fox's room, and unpacked and sorted out what needed to be washed, returned, or put away. Then she asked if I'd like to have my toenails painted. But of course! I certainly can't reach them at this point. So we went across the street and borrowed a cute color from Katlynn, and headed to the couch. We went to the couch so that I could at least claim that I was behaving myself. She was just finishing the first coat when the bottle accidentally dropped. On the carpet. And splashed on the couch. Yes, the new couch.
I didn't freak out, I just grabbed the laptop and Googled "Stain Removal Nail Polish Carpet". There were tons of results, and most of them were pretty similar. So, the nail polish is mostly out of the carpet, it's mostly off of the couch, and now we can all relax on the couch a little more since the first stain is taken care of. ; )
I'd better go...more thank you notes to write, and I need to get to bed at a decent hour. I'll be going in for my likely last day at the office tomorrow. Let's hear it for Bed Rest!

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