Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Baby's got the blues...

Big surprise...Vance's son is apparently a blues fan.
Last night we were flipping channels shortly before bedtime, and Vance's keen skills of observation stumbled upon Georgia Public Broadcasting's airing of Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival. Mind you, it is nearly bedtime for preggo me, but Vance is adamant that I at least watch for a few minutes.
We settle in on the couch and this kid gets to groovin'. Not kidding, he was serious having a workout in my belly. And when the music stopped and the talky people came on to beg for $$, he quit his dance routine. Music starts, baby starts. For over an hour.
He was particularly fond of Joe Walsh's "Funk #49". I told Vance about all the action, and he beamed as he said 'That's my boy!'.
How young can they start playing? We're thinking a drummer would make a good addition to the family band.


Sir Vance-a-lot said...

Boy LOVES him some of that Blues music!

Gallivanting Photographer said...

He gets it honest. I love it and so does Dad.

Love you, Mom