Monday, May 29, 2006

Better News...

Thanks for your prayers and concerns from my last post. Robbin is hanging in there, not sure when she'll be back at work.
We had our big ultrasound appointment Friday morning. I couldn't post anything here for fear that my family would see it before we got to Orlando. ;)
So, the wait is over, and the news is as we expected...It's a boy!
I can't get the pictures to resize, so I'll get Vance to fix them and then I'll post a few.
I've also been feeling him move a lot this weekend. It's weird, and neat, and reassuring. I hear later it gets bothersome, but right now I'm not complaining!


Christopher Bennage said...

You should edit this article on Wikipedia and add your boy's ultrasound pictures!

Sir Vance-a-lot said...

The fact that the article Chris mentioned also has headings like "Ultrasound as a weapon" and "Using Ultrasound to scare away rodents" makes me a little nervous.