Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Weight Loss and such...

I've been doing Weight Watchers for a little over a month now. It's been going well. I've lost 7.6 pounds, 12.4 more to go! It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. I can be so lazy, and just want to eat whatever I see. I just try to make sure that what I see is healthy now. Poor Vance had to eat all the bad stuff in the house (such suffering!) because I'm too cheap to throw out perfectly good food.
I really like it when I get positive comments from co-workers and friends, but it's still frustrating when some of my clothes aren't quite fitting yet. I hope once I've hit my goal I can stay motivated. I miss certain foods a lot. I still have a bite of chocolate once in awhile, and Darcy made an amazing low-fat chocolate lava cake Sunday Night, which I fully enjoyed.
The Tallahassee Irish Step Dancers had our recital, ending the year on a high note.
I danced with a big ole' ugly white brace on my leg, but I suppose it's worth it to keep me dancing next year. I sprained my ankle two weeks ago in rehearsal and almost wasn't able to perform. We had a good sized crowd and lots of fun.
You know, if I didn't have to work to pay the bills, I'd dance all the time. Dance classes, maybe competitions. I just love to move with music.
Alright, I'd better get back to real work now.

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